2 stories & 9 articles


It’s a busy, busy August at Rucksack HQ.

As of when I’m writing this to you on Aug. 10, I’ve written over 15,000 words for the month of August.

That’s including 2 articles. More scenes in the seventh Rucksack Universe book. A couple of characters I’m getting to know in my big story-behind-the-story story. A few various posts of my own and some materials for clients.

And I’m not close to done.

During August, I’ll be working on drafting Wet. Now that I’m getting a better handle on my short fiction process, I’m trying out writing one short fiction piece per month. I’m not sure yet how it’s going to go, but I’m giving it a whirl. That way, I can be working on a Rucksack book at any given time, plus still be generating at least 12 shorter pieces of fiction per year.

Sounds worth trying to me.

Oh, and that’s still not all!

Between now and the end of August, I’m filing 9 articles—2 for one client, 2 for another, and 5 for a third. As of this writing, the first two are filed and done. I’ve researched the next 6 of 7. All told, it’ll be around 11,000 words worth of articles.

Of course, I still won’t be done. But given that I enjoy my work so much, I’m good with that.