A new Rucksack Universe story every month

What a November! In addition to Cloud Fortress coming out, it was a month full of article assignments, short stories, and more. Among that “more” is something I’ve been wanting to do for a long, long time…

Releasing a story a month

See, I always wanted to get to where I was releasing a story a month. Trouble was, I didn’t have, well, the inventory. Now I do. Thanks to all that work this year in The Great Challenge, I’m not only 33 for 33 (soon to be 34), I’m also setting up all the stories I’ll be releasing to you through 2020.

Here are the short stories coming out as ebooks during 2020:

  • January: Cherry Death Destiny Test
  • February: Pink Hats and Burned Men
  • March: Cobra or Mr. Cobra
  • April: Shadow in Orange
  • May: Flash of the Last Dream
  • June: Last Kiss in the Concrete Garden of Myth
  • July: The Eyes of Blanders
  • August: The Battle of Black and Orange
  • September: Soulhound and Fancyman
  • October: Shepherd of Tigers
  • November: A Tea and Brandy Gig
  • December: The Seed He Planted

Patrons will get each story one month ahead of the worldwide release. And the schedule above is only the short story releases. I’ll keep you posted on the book releases too. Speaking of…

7th Rucksack Universe book underway

A few months back, I had a rather strange dream. There was a bus ride, a kid searching for her father, and a low long warehouse in the midst of a golden hazy city full of skyscrapers. I’ve been thinking about that dream ever since. A lot. So much so, that I realized it was the foundation on which I could build the next Rucksack Universe book.

I’ve been getting to the know the story and the characters, and now I’m starting the drafting. I won’t say much more at this point, other than this book is set after Forever the Road, and it is going to be a mind-bending humdinger.

Rucksack Day Dec. 19

Coming Dec. 19 is a new Rucksack Universe short story, The Wedding Chapel’s Bartender!

Can he handle the most powerful force in the world? Jake Edinburgh’s first day on the job at Scotland’s Dram Ring Pub and Wedding Chapel is not at all what he expected—and that’s just from meeting Angus the ringmaker.

Next week this story will be up for pre-orders. (Sorry, I’d aimed to have this set up earlier, but got behind with Thanksgiving travels.)

And now… back to it. How is your December shaping up so far?