Alternate Londons galore in the new LONDON INC bundle

Get The Lotus and the Barley + 9 more books & stories in one collection

Ah, London. River and bridges. Winding streets and vast history. The city that launched a thousand stories. Ten of those stories are now also available in a special book bundle called LONDON INC:

Alternative history, time travel, feisty orphans, steampunk cats, disappearing Dickens and cursed plays, Jack the Ripper – with a twist, terrorists holding London to ransom, beer wars and more in Britain’s capital city.

Tales of survival and mayhem in and beneath the streets of London – Join the adventures in this dark and diverse Tales of the City Bundle.

Table of Contents

1. “How Smoke Got Out of the Chimneys” by DeAnna Knippling

2. “The Tube Riders: Underground” by Chris Ward

3. “Maybe Tomorrow” by LM Connolly

4. “Cecil Stalks His Prey” by Dayle A. Dermatis

5. “The Lotus and the Barley” by Anthony St. Clair

6. “The Scottish Play” by Kristine Kathryn Rusch

7. “Blazing Bodices” by Robert Jeschonek

8. “Watcher’s Day Out” by Shantnu Tiwari

9. “Bridge of Se7en” by Christopher D. Schmitz

10. “The Watcher” by A. L. Butcher

These 10 novels and stories are only $5.99, and you can get your ebook at all the major players:


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