Best Sci-Fi cover… or best cover period?


Vote CLOUD FORTRESS Kobo’s Best Indie Cover by Jan. 7

So… confession time.

I don’t win much. Never have. In school not only was I the kid who got picked last for teams, the other kids would ask the teacher if they had to take me at all.

But that’s not the case when it comes to book covers.

You amazing, wonderful Wanderers. Thanks to you and your votes and your spreading the word, CLOUD FORTRESS won Kobo’s Best Indie Science Fiction Cover 2019!

I’ve been so blown away by this. It’s a cool honor, and it’s had me grinning since the news came down on New Year’s Eve.

It’s also the beginning of something else.

Now, along with 9 other top-performing covers, CLOUD FORTRESS is facing off for Kobo’s Best Indie Cover. Voting is open until Jan. 7.

So: Just like before, voting takes only a moment. There’s no info to enter, nothing to log into. You just tap or click, and you’re done.

You know what to do:


And then spread the word! Share the contest on social media, forward this post to a book fan, all that lovely jazz.

What do you think? Can we make CLOUD FORTRESS Kobo’s Best Indie Cover?

I think we can. Here’s that link one more time if you need it.

Let’s do this!