BIG ANNOUNCEMENT: New fiction for all patrons + other rewards changes

Oh my gosh Wanderers, June has been a big month. Such a big month, that I actually wrote less this month than I have in ages (still writing every day, just less each day). Why?

A few things. For starters, I’ve been going through my editor’s feedback on STRANGE RIDE, the next Rucksack Universe book.

Mainly, though, I’ve been working on changes to my Patreon. Those changes are now live, and I wanted to take a couple of minutes and walk you through them. Let’s start with the big announcement:

Starting at $2 per month, all patrons at all levels now get early access to all new releases!

I’ve been wanting to work toward this for you for a while now. I really appreciate how my patrons have supported me month after month. That’s why I wanted to work toward having a new fiction release every month.

So, going forward, every patron gets an ebook of every new release, a month before the rest of the world. Monthly short stories. New novels. Collections.

All starting at just $2 per month.

I appreciate every patron and every ounce and dollar of support you provide. If you’re reading this and you aren’t yet a patron, please become a patron today for whatever monthly amount works for you.

5-ebook Starter Pack for all new patrons

In addition to new releases, every patron now gets a 5-ebook Starter Pack that includes:

  • The novel WANDER
  • 3 short stories that are prequels for WANDER: “Awen’s Challenge,” “Rucksack and the Cave,” and “Wander Dreams of Fire”
  • One author’s choice wild card: Changes monthly… or whenever I suddenly switch it up. Any Rucksack Universe title might show up in here! July’s wild card is my 2020 story “Pink Hats and Burned Men”

Become a patron at whatever level works for you

Wanderer: $2 per month

  • 5-EBOOK STARTER PACK: WANDER novel + 3 WANDER prequel stories + 1 random story (author’s choice)
  • Monthly new fiction ebook releases
  • One-month early access to all new releases
  • Access to the patron-only activity feed
  • Go behind the scenes of my author life
  • Your pin in my global map of Wanderers

Join at this level

Generous Reader: $5 per month

  • All rewards above!
  • ONE-TIME BONUS: Any 2 ebooks of past releases (for yourself and/or a gift)

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Paperback Writer: $10 per month

  • All rewards above!
  • ONE-TIME BONUS: Any 2 signed paperbacks of past releases (for yourself and/or a gift)
  • 2 signed paperbacks of all new print releases before they’re available anywhere else (for yourself and/or a gift)

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Rambling Rover: $20 per month

  • All rewards above!
  • ONE-TIME BONUS: 2 sets of the ENTIRE Rucksack Universe series in e-book and paperback (for yourself and/or a gift

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Your Name in Lights: $100 per month

  • All rewards above!
  • While you remain a supporter at this level, I’ll thank you by name in all new releases!

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Creative Crew: $400 per month

  • All rewards above!
  • Limited to 10 patrons
  • Limited-edition signed gift hardbacks (for yourself and/or a gift)
  • ONE-TIME CALL after your 6-month anniversary to personally thank you!*

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Angel Investor: $750 per month

  • All rewards above!
  • Limited to 4 patrons
  • Once a year I’ll write you an exclusive story!

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THANK YOU for being on this journey with me. Your support makes it possible for me to create new fiction and keep expanding the Rucksack Universe. I can’t wait to personally welcome you as one of my patrons!

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