Party at the Pyramids: A Rucksack Universe Story

Party at the Pyramids: A Rucksack Universe Story
Series: Rucksack Universe
Genres: Alternate World/Alternate History, Fantasy, Inspirational, Magical Realism, New, Travel Fantasy
Tags: Catalog, Featured, Stories
Publisher: Rucksack Press
Publication Year: 2021
Format: Ebook
Length: Short story
ISBN: 9781940119601

The world could be hers.

After leaving her native Ireland nearly a decade ago on her sixteenth birthday, Aisling has traveled the world in pursuit of one goal: Make her own destiny, on her terms, and become known as the greatest fiddler in the world in the process.

Now, in Cairo, at an impromptu party at the pyramids, a man shows up and offers her the world… as long as she earns it.

If only her past hadn’t turned up too.

A grumpy camel. A talking Sphinx. And a crossroads where a young woman must choose which destiny she will make her own. If you like decisive women heroes, then grab your fiddle and get ready for a “Party at the Pyramids.

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About the Book

The Rucksack Universe series combines alternate history, speculative fiction, myth, adventure, globetrotting, and intrigue—all with well-poured pints of beer. Library Journal says Anthony St. Clair’s storytelling has “universe building reminiscent of Terry Pratchett,” and readers say they love the Rucksack Universe’s unique combination of “quirk, wit, travel, and magic.”

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About the Author
Anthony St. Clair

Anthony St. Clair creates compelling fiction and non-fiction for a curious world full of everyday discoveries, endeavors, and surprises. Since 2000 Anthony has worked in online content, and he has been a full-time independent writer since 2011. He is the author of the ongoing Rucksack Universe series; covers craft beer, food, business, entrepreneurship, and more for various publications; and is a copywriter and content manager for select clients. When not at his desk or in his kitchen in Eugene, Oregon, Anthony is on an adventure with his wife, son, and daughter.

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