Change is how we grow ourselves and grow into ourselves

A little over a week before I’m writing this, I was in Hawaii. My family and I were hanging out with sea turtles on a beach in Kauai. It wasn’t an ordinary vacation though. We were celebrating my wife being in cancer remission for 22 years.

Over those years, she’s changed. From child to woman. Student to professional and entrepreneur. She’s become a wife and a mother. She bakes, knits, sews, and is far better with plumbing that I’ll ever be.

Since getting back from Hawaii, we’ve had more change. We just moved my wife’s studio—and have rocking plans for a new one. Our son started first grade, and our pre-school daughter is realizing she can write her name.

Change. Always. The only constant and all that.

That change comes to my writing too. There are changes afoot. Growth happening. I see it in my characters. They are always growing into themselves, and yet always growing so that those selves are changing.

Best lives. Truest selves. Better world. It only happens with change.

I know some of the changes to come, but I know there will be plenty others I didn’t expect. And that’s okay. We grow. We change. And so does everything else, right there with us.