Coming soon: STRANGE RIDE

 Available to Patrons Sept. 19, Worldwide Oct. 19 

That’s right!

My seventh book, Strange Ride, is almost here! I’m in LOVE with the cover for this one. Purple is my wife’s favorite color (and one of my daughter’s favorites, after rainbow), so I’ve really been looking forward to doing a purple cover!

A ringwall. Skyscrapers. And a strange, tall structure at the city center. For all the books my editor says he’s worked on, he told me he’s never seen anything like the city of Dedalo.

Soon it’ll be your turn.

Here’s the book’s description:

Lost parents. An unescapable city. A daughter who will not stop.

Soarsha wants three things for her tenth birthday: sushi, chocolate cake, and listening to Wandering Heroes with her dad.

Sure, she longs to find her mom, lost in the wasteland beyond Dedalo’s prison-bar skyscrapers and impassable ringwall. Yeah, she wishes her classmates would stop tormenting her. Especially after she sneezed during her bully’s sharing time.

Better to let the shadow monster eat her… and when her father goes missing, she just might have to.

Whether you love labyrinths, purple, radio shows, mysterious quests, the scent of lavender, comic books, boundless hope, or a city unlike any other in science fiction and fantasy, get ready for a STRANGE RIDE.

Coming soon in ebook and paperback, Strange Ride comes out to Patrons on Sept. 19, and worldwide Oct. 19.

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More stores coming soon!

Thanks for being along for this Strange Ride!

Or, as the comic book and radio show in the book say, “See you next time, heroes…”