FAQ: Common Questions

Thank you for your interest in my fiction and non-fiction! If you have questions about me, my work, or Patreon, check below for answers in this FAQ.

Who is the Rucksack Universe for?

Rucksack Universe stories are perfect for anyone who is a wanderer or wanderer at heart. My books also make great gifts for birthdays, graduations, travelers, new beginnings, the holidays, and any other reason or occasion.   

Do I have to read the books in order?

Nope. The series is what we call “non-sequential.” All the Rucksack Universe stories are set in the same story world, but you can read them in whatever order you want.   If you’re familiar with Terry Pratchett’s Discworld series, it’s similar to that: fascinating world, recurring characters, some longer story arcs, but any story can be your first Rucksack Universe story.   

What book/books can I choose from for my reward tier?

If it’s been released, it’s an option. E-book and trade paperback options include any title available for sale at the time you become a patron.   

For reward tiers where I can gift a copy to someone, do the e-book version and trade paperback versions have to go to the same person, or could I gift the e-book to one person and the trade paperback to another person?

Oh, we can totally gift the e-book version and trade paperback version to different people if you want. Great idea 🙂   

For paperbacks, is shipping included, or is shipping extra?

Shipping is free for any address in the USA. International shipping just ain’t cheap, so shipping is an extra charge for destinations outside the USA.   

Do I get my rewards right away?

Typically, rewards unlock as soon as you become a patron. You’ll get your e-book or trade paperback rewards during your first 30 days of patronage. Gift options unlock after 3 months of continuous patronage at your current level or a higher level.   

Hey, the whole “name listed in the credits” thing is cool, but I don’t actually want you to use my name. Do we have options here?

I want you to feel comfortable in this space, so yes, we have options! If you want to be anonymous/not listed by name, or if you want to be listed by a nickname/screenname etc., message me and tell me your preference in writing.   

Do I have to pay in US Dollars?

Nope. Pay in any currency. Patreon is a US-based website, so everything is listed in US dollars, but when you become a patron, you can use any currency and it will be automatically converted.   

When and how will I be charged?

You’ll be charged the day you become a patron, then at the beginning of the month going forward, for as long as you choose to back my work. Patreon handles all the financial, transaction, and security stuff. If you have other questions, Patreon has extensive help info, and their customer service folks are really cool.  

Can I stop being a patron?

Patreon is based on ongoing support, but if your circumstances or preferences change, I totally understand and respect that. I want you to take care of you. You can end your patronage at any time for any reason, no worries. You can also go down to a lower reward tier if that works for you too. And the nice thing is, you can also resume or increase your patronage at any time too.   

Am I locked in to my reward tier, or can I change it?

You can change reward tiers up or down at any time, for any reason. Any rewards you’ve received are yours to keep. Just note that the rewards you receive going forward will be based on the new tier.   

I don’t have much money, can I still become a Patron?

Yes! I only want you to fund my work for what you can easily afford. Even $1 per month adds up, and I greatly appreciate your support, funding, and patronage at any level!   

I’m still confused. Can you help me?

Absolutely! If you have questions about using Patreon, or encounter any problems with the signup process, the Patreon support team is really friendly and helpful!  You can send them a message by clicking here or browse their Help section here.  If you have questions specifically about my Patreon page, rewards, my writing, or just want to say hi, you can send me a message directly that only I answer, the second you become a Patron!

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