Happy 2021 + the St. Clair Family Holiday Video Card

(And yes, btw, both kids stayed up until midnight!)

2020 was indeed a year. Ups, downs, hardships, you name it. I had my share too.

It wasn’t an easy year, but my family and I kept our health, our businesses, and our sense of adventure. We did okay, and we’ve got cautiously optimistic hopes for the year ahead.

However your 2020 went, you’re in my thoughts. Whatever your hopes are for 2021, I hope you rock them.

Over these last few days of holiday break, Jodie and I are relaxing, binging the Umbrella Academy on Netflix, playing games with our kids, and planning business and homeschool for the next few months. There will be adventures. There will be more challenges.

But there will also be a lot to celebrate and look forward to.

Thank you for being part of the journey, and here’s to an awesome 2021 for you and yours. Plus, here’s also our annual video holiday card—enjoy, and see you soon!

Check our video holiday card