Happy Book Birthday HOME SWEET ROAD!

Yeah, might as well acknowledge it: Time flies.

2014 was quite a year. That September, I released my first full-length novel, Forever the Road. I celebrated having my own writing business for 3 years. In November 2014—most importantly of all—my daughter Aster was born.

But in January 2014, a mere six years ago, my second book came out. Set in an alternate version of Ireland, Home Sweet Road draws on my favorite hostel in one of my favorite parts of the country. There’s intrigue, some potentially fatal attraction, and the introduction of Aisling, the Awen of Ireland, one of my favorite characters—and one who has so much before her still in the Rucksack Universe. But in this book, she nearly lost it all.

It’s with this book that so much about The Blast and the world of my stories started to get so much clearer too. And I set in motion some actions that are still playing out in stories to come…

You can get your ebook or trade paperback wherever books are sold:


See you in the Rucksack Universe, where the beer is always cold, the locals are always friendly, and the food never makes you sick.