Happy Rucksack Day! CLOUD FORTRESS now available worldwide

Get the new Rucksack Universe adventure

Oh. My. Goodness. I’m so excited, y’all. Without further ado, it is Nov. 19… and Cloud Fortress, my sixth Rucksack Universe book, is available now! You can get Cloud Fortress ebooks and paperbacks wherever books are sold:

Cloud Fortress

Mysterious train rides. A quest through the Himalayas. Strange guides. And an impossible mission to an impossible place. All that Jade Agamuskara Bluegold wanted was to start her new job. Sure, a train was taking her across India to be a mystical bartender who steered decision and destiny. But that didn’t mean she was ready for a world-shattering, legend-shrouded, mysterious quest to be dropped at her feet.

Legends say that eons ago a mythical people exiled themselves to a hidden Himalayan paradise filled with a vast power. Now a menacing man has found the Heart of the World. Before he unleashes a terrible fate that destroys all life, Jade must figure out how to stop him, no matter what it takes. 

The sixth Rucksack Universe book, Cloud Fortress, takes place between the events of The Martini of Destiny and Forever the Road.


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