Happy #RucksackDay! Flash of the Last Dream now available worldwide


Flash of the Last Dream, my latest Rucksack Universe story, is available now!

And I want to tell you a secret:

My copy editor is friggin awesome.

I’ve worked with him on every release since 2014’s HOME SWEET ROAD. Every story and book I publish for you, he’s been behind the scenes, copy editing and proofreading.

Yet in all the projects we’ve worked on, I’ve rarely seen him as excited about a story as I have about this month’s Rucksack Day release, “Flash of the Last Dream.”

When we work together on a copy edit, I send him a word doc where we track changes. He leaves various comments for me, sometimes things I need to take a look at, sometimes a grammar rule I really should know by know, and sometimes, sometimes, a wee bit of praise.

For “Flash of the Last Dream,” he was telling me how he found the story had a film noir quality. Raymond Chandler was mentioned. As was all the story’s tension and fast pace. Above all, the main character, Rebecca, really stuck with him. She comes to terms with a truth that will completely change her life… and perhaps end it. But she’s facing that truth anyway, despite all else.

My editor has made it clear that he hopes—no, make that expects—that we’ll see more of this character in future stories. I can’t wait to find out what you think.

Flash of the Last Dream is available wherever ebooks are sold, including:


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