Happy #RucksackDay! Last Kiss in the Concrete Garden of Myth now available worldwide… plus one more thing

Last Kiss in the Concrete Garden of Myth, my latest Rucksack Universe story, is available now! Plus, read on to learn about a special ONE MORE THING.

I want to tell you a secret

In addition to being the hero of 2014’s FOREVER THE ROAD and 2019’s CLOUD FORTRESS, the main character, Jade, is the most like me of anyone in the Rucksack Universe. Much of her introverted, task-devoted, listening, meticulous personality is based on my own.

For good or for bad, so are Jade’s tendencies to be lonerish, stubborn, and feeling out of place in the world.

When I wrote 2013’s THE MARTINI OF DESTINY, I deliberately wanted the story to be tangential to Jade yet not involve Jade, even though she was a key character. I always wanted to get back to her perspective though. During The Great Challenge, where I wrote a short story a week for a year, I revisited those moments from MARTINI. Today’s new story takes us to Jade as she heads into the Aw Boon Haw Garden in Hong Kong—and finds herself at a crossroads of life, destiny, and decision.

I’ll always wish I got to visit the eerie, bright, otherworldly Aw Boon Haw Garden. I’m glad, though, that I can at least visit in my imagination.

Last Kiss in the Concrete Garden of Myth is available wherever ebooks are sold, including:


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Book Birthday! Download THE MARTINI OF DESTINY for free thru June 30, 2020

Speaking of THE MARTINI OF DESTINY, there’s a reason I’m releasing “Last Kiss” this month. THE MARTINI OF DESTINY came out this month in 2013! My very first book kicked off so many adventures for me and for us, my wonderful patrons.

In honor of MARTINI’S book birthday, you can download a FREE ebook of THE MARTINI OF DESTINY thru June 30.


See you next time and enjoy your adventures in the Rucksack Universe!