Happy #RucksackDay! The Seed He Planted now available worldwide

What starts a change of heart?

That’s the question at the core of this month’s new worldwide release. How does someone go from believing something… to accepting that they’re wrong, and doing something else?

The Seed He Planted, my latest Rucksack Universe story, is available now!

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An ugly satchel holds an uglier truth.

Nia Fox gave up everything for Guru Deep, so the perfect CEO could have the perfect executive assistant at his beck and call, every moment.

Nia loves working for Guru Deep. He sees a path for the future that few comprehend. She knows today’s groundbreaking ceremony for the Lotus, the new company headquarters in south London, dominates Guru Deep’s thoughts.

But why did he insist on wearing that damn satchel? The brown shoulder strap and bulging bag smear his gleaming orange suit like a dripping turd.

He refuses to say what the satchel holds. She chides herself for wanting to ask. She never thought to wonder what to do if she found out.

Like strong women learning their strength? Enjoy losing yourself in alternate Londons, complete with a new mystical twist on corporate intrigue? Then get ready to lose yourself in “The Seed He Planted.”

The Rucksack Universe series combines alternate history, speculative fiction, myth, adventure, globetrotting, and intrigue—all with well-poured pints of beer. Library Journal says Anthony St. Clair’s storytelling has “universe building reminiscent of Terry Pratchett,” and readers say they love the Rucksack Universe’s unique combination of “quirk, wit, travel, and magic.”

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Enjoy! Thank you for your support of my fiction, and please spread the word about the Rucksack Universe and my Patreon!