Happy Thank You Patrons Day!

A creative professional does a lot on their own, but they only succeed when amazing people support them.

Not only is today #RucksackDay for my sixth book, CLOUD FORTRESS, it’s also #ThankYouPatrons Day from @Patreon. When I started my Patreon in August 2018, I had no idea where this could go.

Over a year into being part of Patreon, I understand that my patrons give me something even beyond their monthly financial support.

They give me courage.

The 31 weekly short stories I’ve written so far for The Great Challenge? My patrons helped me feel like I could take it on and succeed.

Putting out not only six books, but committing to a published story each month, while also continuing to write more Rucksack Universe books? My patrons inspire me to push myself to double-down dive deeper into my fiction than ever.

Plans I’m making to do more audio and video? All from knowing my patrons have my back.

And last but not least, there’s nothing like cracking a beer with my wife and talking about it with friends and patrons.

Knowing that people around the world believe in me and the work I do so much that they support my work financially every month? That is inspiring. I work all the harder and smarter in no small part because of the belief my patrons have in me.

So to all my patrons, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!