March 2019 Patron-only craft beer review

Stout. Dry Irish Stout is practically a character in many of my Rucksack Universe stories, and with bloody good reason: The stuff has so much depth and richness to it, while being so dry and true, that it’s like reality in a glass.

Beamish. Murphy’s. Guinness. Ireland’s dry stouts are renown the world over, and with tasty refreshing good reason: They are amazing beers. But that 3-leaf clover of stouts actually has a lucky fourth: O’Hara’s Dry Irish Stout. O’Hara’s is a craft stout from Carlow. On the scene since 1999, it’s racked up awards around the world—and has quite the reputation in a certain place far from Ireland. Beer Writer and Master Crafter tell you why.

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