Happy Holidays!

Each other. Health. Hope for a better year to come. You. I’m thankful for many things this year. My family and I are healthy. Our businesses are doing okay. And we keep our dreams alive, both the small dreams and the big ones. We’re thinking ahead to our next adventures in our wee camper. We’re …


Happy #RucksackDay! Shepherd of Tigers now available worldwide

Shepherd of Tigers, my latest Rucksack Universe story, is available now! Get the ebook The truth sleeps Aednat had nothing but her family, until The Blast took them and everything Aednet knew of home in Ireland. Aednat finds herself in France, with people who seem more like myths, in a rich world unlike anywhere she …


Happy #RucksackDay! Are you ready for a STRANGE RIDE?

STRANGE RIDE now available worldwide in ebook and paperback! Strange Ride, my latest Rucksack Universe book, is available now! Get the book Lost parents. An unescapable city. A daughter who will not stop. Soarsha wants three things for her tenth birthday: sushi, chocolate cake, and listening to Wandering Heroes with her dad. Sure, she longs …



FOREVER THE ROAD is a story about accepting your decisions and your destiny. It’s about about dealing with loss and how loss influences your future. STRANGE RIDE picks up on these themes… but with one hell of a twist. STRANGE RIDE is available worldwide Oct. 19, 2020

Sunlight on lavender

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