COVER REVEAL + Available Nov. 19: Cloud Fortress, the new Rucksack Universe novel!

World, meet the cover of the sixth Rucksack Universe book, y’all. Cloud Fortress. This book is all about my badass, introverted wandering hero Jade Agamuskara Bluegold. When we first saw her in Forever the Road, she was an experienced bartending slinger of decision and destiny. Now, in Cloud Fortress, we get to see Jade again—but before Forever the Road took …


You chose the story

The votes are in, and coming soon is a new Rucksack Universe story… Cherry Death Destiny Test! In the heart of the world’s largest mountain, a family in exile waits to see if one among them is going to rise to fulfill a world-shaking destiny. First line: In the low light at the bottom of …


August Voting: Choose which story I publish next

Vote by Aug. 17 The first story readers chose for me to publish—”The Wedding Chapel’s Bartender”—is out to my copy editor for proofreading, and I’ll announce its release date soon. Now it’s time to pick the next story I publish: The Seed He Planted Cherry Death Destiny Test Learn more about each story and cast …


We have a winning story!

 Three-way tie is broken! The next story I publish will be… 💍The Wedding Chapel’s Bartender🥃 Jake Edinburgh’s first day on the job at the Dram Ring Pub and Wedding Chapel (walk-ins welcome!) is not at all what he expected—and that’s just from meeting Angus the ringmaker… Edinburgh’s Royal Mile remains one of my favorite places …


Break the short story tie: Vote now

It’s short story tiebreaker time! Earlier this month my patrons, subscribers, and followers answered the call to vote for which Rucksack Universe story I should publish next. And… wow. There’s now a 3-way tie between these stories:  * The Wedding Chapel’s Bartender  * Vagabartender  * The Summer Gate So the question is… who’s going to …


Rucksack Universe sale

Thru July 31 at the Smashwords Store, all Rucksack Universe ebook titles are on sale: See the savings & start reading now  It’s a great way to stock up on summer reading, or send the Rucksack Universe as a gift. Happy reading!

Where do story ideas come from?

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Wander a world of myth, adventure, and intrigue

Welcome to the new home of the Rucksack Universe

Daring adventures start here Anthony St. Clair’s acclaimed Rucksack Universe now has a dedicated website for everything related to your fave alternate world travel fantasy series. This new site… Is your online hub for every Rucksack Universe book and story Gives suggestions for the series’ reading order Will take you on new adventures in the …