Pin in the map: New patron shoutout!

New patron!

Big welcome, shout-out, and thank-yous to our newest Wanderer, Sean K. of Portland, Oregon, USA! Sean recently came on-board as one of my patrons on @Patreon, and he gets his very own pin in my big world map of Wanderers. There are other rewards on the way to him too, including Rucksack Universe books and e-books!

The support from Wanderers like Sean helps make my fiction and non-fiction possible. Being a patron is also a great way for people to ride along with a working writer and tuck in to a fascinating world of amazing travel fantasy stories.

If you aren’t a Wanderer yet, you can quickly and easily become one today. Wanderers get free video beer reviews, ebooks, signed paperbacks, early access to new releases, and more!