We met our first goal!

Wanderers, You. Are. Amazing.

Today, Feb. 13, 2019, WE MET OUR FIRST PATRON GOAL of $100 per month. Blew it away, actually, thanks both to your ongoing support and a new Wanderer who just came on board (more on that in a separate post).

It’s a terrible thing for a writer to say, but I don’t have words. I’ll try though.

You are amazing. You are wonderful. I am so, so grateful for your ongoing support and for your belief in me and my work.

Thank you.

This comes at one of those times where I had a few up and down days of wondering if my message gets across. If people are connecting with my stories and finding both meaning and entertainment there. It’s the sort of thing any creative professional might wrestle with from time to time.

But all of you helped get me through.

As the $100 goal said…

When we hit this, we know we are growing an amazing community of Wanderers. To celebrate, I’ll write and publish a story for you, which you can download as an e-book. You are AMAZING!

‘Nuff said. I’ll get to work on your story, Wanderers.

Here’s to all the stories to come, thanks to you.

P.S.: If you have the Patreon app, also check Lens for a quick video update too!